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on traffic pulse 11. back to you. >> thank you. experts are calling the nuclear crisis in japan a slower-moving nightmare. >> the buildup of radiation was too much. tracie potts has the latest from japan and reaction in the u.s. >> the last 50 workers fled the nuclear plant to escape a huge burst of radiation. >> they have to continue to try. >> officials say 70% of the fuel rods are damaged. 107 miles away in tokyo, residents are leaving despite the surge is that radiation levels are not yet harmful. >> low levels now but we do not know what it will be like tomorrow. is back upnikkei today. >> uncertainty has taken over the markets right now. >> , response the nuclear regulatory commission to explain if our nuclear plants could withstand a 9.0 earthquake. >> we have to make sure that all the bad actors in the industry are sorted out very quickly. >> the government continues to assure americans that radiation levels here are safe. but that has not stopped their run of potassium iodide. one retailer says he has a backlog of 3000 orders. tracie potts, wbal-tv 11 news. >> many of us in the
on traffic pulse 11. back to you. >> the u.s. military says charter flights are leaving half fall from japan. many families have decided to stay. low levels of radiation have been detected in tokyo and beyond. tracie potts is in washington with the very latest. >> 600 americans are stuck north of sendai. the u.s. is sending in buses to get them. >> we're bringing in all available resources. we will protect american citizens who may in harm's way. >> not much has changed at the nuclear plant. it could take weeks to get the situation under control. the u.s. is now starting to collect its own data. >> when the united states says to evacuate up to 50 miles, there is a sound reason for that. >> basic physics and science says there cannot be any risk or harm to anyone here in the united states. >> few americans have boarded flights from japan. those who are coming home are being tested. >> we're screening passengers and cargo if there happens to be even a blip in terms of radiation. >> the fallout here at home. general motors is shutting down a plant because of a parts shortage from japan. nearly
japan's safety zone is not big enough. >> there is new device for americans -- move back or get out. tracie potts is in washington with the details. >> it appears to be white smoke rising from the number 3 reactor. >> helicopters are now dropping water. >> we believe the containment has been destroyed. there is no water. >> that means nothing to prevent a meltdown. the japanese deny that. authorities believe it is is overheating. the u.s. believes radiation levels are extremely high. the state department now warns americans to consider leaving or least stay 50 miles away. 30 miles further than the japanese recommend. >> we advise americans to listen to the state department. >> 50 miles is not a safe in an emergency like that. >> president obama called japan's prime minister to promise continued support. there are new numbers on casualties. 23 injured, missing, or hospitalized at the plant. nearly 5200 dead. nearly 9000 still missing. the u.s. is not the only country with stronger warnings than japan. germany and australia also urging their residents to leave. tracie potts, wbal-tv 1
of a nuclear meltdown after a second explosion at a plant in japan. >> rescuers continued to comb through the destruction. kristen dahlgren has the latest from tokyo. >> with heavy equipment and bare hands, rescue workers continue their desperate search for survivors. in increasing grim scene. >> my relatives and friends are missing after the tsunami destroyed the village. >> reports of some 2000 bodies found. the unofficial count, more than 10,000 still missing. surviving the aftermath is proving just as challenging. for many, there is no food, no water, no electricity. not even gas to make it to safety. the sirens still sound as after fresh pack. another hydrogen explosion at the focus shiite nuclear plant. the reactor can no longer cool itself. -- at the fukushima power plant. surviving the quake was just a start. kristen dahlgren, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a johns hopkins professor will soon head to japan to investigate the structural integrity of the buildings still standing. there will analyze the damage in an effort to figure out why some buildings collapsed and others denied. it has to
on traffic pulse 11. >> there has been another nuclear plant explosion in japan this morning. >> washington it is on edge about pursuing nuclear power here. tracie potts has the details. >> watching the explosions, germany is suspending some nuclear operations. the u.s. is moving forward. >> it remains a part of the present's overall energy plant -- of the president's energy plan. >> if mother nature decides to strike, we'll have big problems. >> bridges and overpasses collapsed during earthquakes. >> the white house broaden someone for reassurance. >> we believed nuclear plants operate safely. >> american nuclear plants are tsunami is angned some memorie earthquake's. >> we cannot tolerate any possibility of another chernobyl or another meltdown. >> eight u.s. warships have pushed back amid concerns of leaking radiation. they are still delivering aid. >> there will continue to do so until there's some stabilization. >> four new reactors are up for approval this year. tracie potts, wbal-tv 11 news. >> our coverage of the disaster in japan continues online ad . take our online sur
and fresh produce from areas that are close to the nuclear power plant in japan. chief executive lloyd blankfein maybe up in the hot seat. prosecutors do not have to face questions about goldman's involvement in any pending investigations. as for trading, intel bit lower. we have slightly lower day aesterday -- as for a trading little bit lower. if you did something stupid and posted on facebook and twitter, there is a new app that leads your posts. -- that the leave your post. i'm jane king reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. >> that is funny. i understand you have a tip about a hot job. >> and it unique qualification. if you know somebody who sounds like a duck when they talk, tell them to watch my next report. a company may want to hire them. >> you better not say me. thank you, jane. 40 degrees on tv hill. coming up, we'll get another look at your morning commute with traffic and weather together. >> just because of the elegies. maryland runs into sugar. we'll show you why. >> don't forget to e-mail us your response to our water cooler question of the day. what do you think of a plan al
you very much. we have breaking news this morning out of japan. an 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit during the friday afternoon hours. along with that massive quake, a 13-foot tsunami swept both boats, cars, buildings, and debris miles inland. fires were also triggered throughout tokyo. the government says there are at least 17 deaths confirmed right now. the quake triggered a tsunami warning for hawaii and the entire west coast of the united states. we'll continue to follow this developing story and bring you updates throughout the newscast. now under a big story this morning, the rain that dumped on our area has been quite treacherous. >> so dangerous that governor martin o'malley has called for a state of emergency. this was the scene in baltimore county. heavy rains causing flooding, forcing roads to close. now we head out to baltimore city, where 11 news reporter jennifer franciotti live with a look at the current conditions. jen, where are you? >> we're in the parking lot of the athletic club, just down the hill from our tv station on tv hill. and it sits along the jones falls. we're
production at one of its plants because of the quake in japan. they will shut down an assembly line in louisiana for one week because of the parts shortage. they make two models of pickup trucks. production will not be affected any other north american plant. this is the first plant to be shut down as a result of the crisis in japan. there has been another jumper at the pump. $3.57 is the average price. 76 cents higher at during this time last year. billings, montana, has the lowest average price. the highest can be found in san francisco. some helpful information on our website. you can find a gas price calculator. you can learn how to maximize your car's fuel efficiency. you have help in job searching. we have a list of recalls from toys to food. it is all at twitter turns 05 years old today. twitter is now serving 140 million tweets per day. >> radiation concerns could hurt efforts to keep japan's economy going. we have more in the bloomberg business report. >> the countries economy struggles to get back on its feet after the earthquake. some countries are checking fo
on the nuclear reactor in japan. the operator of the plant report fed gray smoke over plant number three and a haze over plant number two. the power company said today that it plans to resume work to restore power for reactors one, two, three and four. it created new fears about the safety of food supplies from japan. spin itch and another food were found contain a small amount of radio activity. mobile units made by strategic services international get the power from the sun and wind and can be pulled in with a pickup truck, each unit powering three small homes for about three days. >> meanwhile there was a tearfull reunion after a woman teaching in japan was reunited with her family. katherine ran down the terminal into her mother's arms. she was living along the coast when the tsunami hit. she had only a few noipts grab what she could before the tsunami hit her home. >> it just kept coming and coming and growing and growing. it washed away pickup trucks and threw them into buildings, and flooded into the town and lifted whole houses off their foundations. it was just like a monster. >
at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> japan said sea water contamination may have spread longer than first thought. the crisis stretches into a third week. japanese officials are dealing with barely miscalculated radiation figures and no place to store contaminated water. it magnitude 6 earthquake shook japan. no immediate reports of damages or injuries. people have found no evidence that radiation from japan made its way to the united states. there have been elevated levels of iodine in massachusetts. there is a reason for public health concern. agencies will continue to monitor the air, water, and food. >> 13 workers were arrested on friday. kim dacey is live outside baltimore city police headquarters with more. good morning. >> police say these workers have a regular gambling day in the program of the dot room on the east of madison street. a tip was turned over to the inspector general's office. an investigator found the 13 workers rolling dice and drinking champagne while on the clock. they confiscated $6,300. police were called in
earlier. japan gave the cherry trees to the united states. there will be a stand with japan event at the washington monument. all the money raised will go to the american red cross benefiting the earthquake and tsunami fund. the cherry blossoms are starting to bloom. 35 degrees on tv hill. coming up -- >> i'm george lettis. a police officer is facing sex abuse charges this morning. we'll explain why. >> the exit strategy. the white house is working to have enough control of air strikes on libya. >> colder air is on the way. it might mean a return to winter. details just ahead. >> a few closures to report on our area roads. we'll update you on m blue diamond almonds! more bold flavor! more variety! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds... more than a snack. >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back. i am stan stovall. >> and jennifer franciotti. thank you for joining us this morning. we will check on weather and traffic. >> low pressure has to make it off shore. we could see some more passing s
of a lack of parts from japan. japan's auto industry was hit hard by this month earthquake and tsunami, forcing several companies to shut their plants. . nissan also saw one of its plants and destroyed by the disaster. the ceo vows to have it back up and running by april. amazon.como wants to build a new site for storing what it sells. in particular, digital music. >> is in the business of selling music. now the company is trying to one of its competition by helping customers' store those tunes online. >> it is a battle cry. they are saying we are coming in and we will come in with both guns blazing. >> the loss of its cloud drive allows users to upload videos and p hotos on servers. the cloud player can stream music with smart phones. >> you can buy the music from amazon or uploaded to the the cloud. >> do not expect any of that action to happen at apple products. the company is expected to launch its own clouds service sometime this year. >> he will not even be able to get to play on the apple browser in ipads. >> amazon will allow its customers 5 gigabytes, enough to stor >> in japan, radiation levels have risen high they are in sea water near the fukushima daiichi plant. radiation appeared near 4400 times the legal limit. japan's nuclear safety agency says the government should consider wide ing the 12-mile evacuation area around the plant. 136,000 were encouraged to leave. in the middle east more protests in yemen are calling for that country's lead tore step down. after the explosion that killed more than 100 people earlier this week, protesters believe the president was behind that explosion. there's been chaos in that country. rebel fighters have been fighting the president forces for four years. >> and reports surface the u.s. has stepped up intelligence operations within the north african country. kate amara joins us live from our washington bureau with the latest. good morning. >> there are reports this morning of c.i.a. operatives in libya and covert u.s. support for libyan rebels. >> c.i.a. operatives are on the ground in libya according to the associated press. they report they are likely in contact with rebel forces and they want to help r
, i am kate amara, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a major setback in japan as one unit of the troubled nuclear power plant may have been breached. a spokesperson said data suggest damage may have happened in the reactor's core. it was limited. there could be other damage to piping or the fuel pool. >> younger users are being attracted to social networking sites. users must be at least 13. there is no practical way to verify users. some therapists have weight internet usage at a young age to internet addiction among adults. this could be damaging to children's relationships and their brain. others say there is no clear evidence to back that up. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. what do you think is an appropriate age for a child to sign up for facebook, or other social networking site? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> 30 degrees on tv hill. a couple accused of selling their daughters for sexual favors. the disturbing details are next. >> this is 95 north of 195. we will come back and get
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